Located in Jacksonville, FL, Garfunkel + Brooks was founded in 2018 by a team of marketing experts eager to provide a better experience for clients and their customers. Shedrick Williams, Dario O’Connor and Teresa Compton believed that digital marketers didn’t have to be snake-oil salesmen with today’s wealth of marketing data and reporting capability we could become a trusted partner that builds relationships based on integrity and transparency. Tracking campaigns and ROI should be an active part of the digital marketing process, not an afterthought.

Together, they built a team of experts in fields ranging from SEO and Adwords to social media and video production. They’re a lean, remote team who value communications and transparency with clients over everything else.

Garfunkel + Brooks

When can I meet Mr. Garfunkel, or Mr.Brooks?

We get this question fairly often. Contrary to popular belief, Garfunkel + Brooks isn't named after our founders, or Dario's dad. It's actually the names of our office pets. *Professional pics coming soon. 😛

Our Team

Amos Otis
Director of Sales & Acquisition
Chris Sawyer
Senior Engineer
Dario O'connor
Senior Partner
Teresa Compton
Director of Operations
Shedrick Williams
Managing Partner