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Three ways to enhance your business by building your brand – Garfunkel & Brooks

Three ways to enhance your business by building your brand

How can my online presence increase sales for my business?
In today’s world, everyone is connected. All of your clients, potential clients, and everyone they know has a cloud-connected device in front of their faces 24/7. More than ever, a business’s online presence is essential for success.
According to a recent collaborative study, 76% of all purchases made begin at home. 66% of them use mobile devices and 57% of all consumers used their mobile device during their shopping experience. The effects of this cannot be understated. (Add in G + B client’s experience increasing sales for a client).

Okay, so how does my online presence make us more accessible?
Visibility is the key. Having a strong online presence is like placing a billboard in front of the eyes of every potential client. According to Experian, 71% of business to business researchers start their research with a simple online search, and 81% of people trying to find a new product or service begin their search on the internet. Help your customers find you and reach more people! An online presence projects your company to the entire world.

What effects does an online presence have on my business’s reputation?
Customers and clients are savvy these days and do their research. Just like you, your customers are doing their research, and they’re doing it online. Without an online presence, you immediately come across as less credible and legitimate, and it may drive your customers away. Even if you don’t conduct your business online, your customers are, and chances are that they talk about you. Increase your visibility, build trust, and even the playing field with larger companies.


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